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Cyberpunk Runner is the perfect game for people who love playing interesting science fiction games. If you are someone who play running games regularly, then you would definitely fall in love with this science fiction, Cyberpunk themed endless runner.


Run, Jump & Dodge through the Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk Themed city as Cyber Robots block your path & attempt to assassinate you. Use your navigation skills to dash as far as you can.

With amazing futuristic HD graphics & realistic animation, this free runner stands out from the rest of mobile speed run games.

Run as fast as you can in this fascinating Cyberpunk city for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of shooting cyber robots with sci-fi guns & blast Hover cars with bombs during your game run.

The main features of Cyberpunk Runner are as follows:

● A running game for free with a highly personalized gaming experience.
● Voice prompts & in-game commentary to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the game run.
● A Hybrid mix of Third-person Shooter & endless free runner.
● Science fiction, Cyberpunk themed Game run experience with realistic animation.
● Your username flashes on the neon lit signboards in the sci-fi, Cyberpunk city throughout your game run.
● This endless free runner is natively compatible with Gamepad.
● Opportunity to collect sci-fi bombs, ammunitions, shields during your game run. Use smash button to blow up hovercars flying in your way.
● Jaw- dropping slow-motion effect during bomb throws.
● Collect In-App currency during your game run to unlock exciting features in the game.
● Three amazing HD graphic modes optimized for different mobile hardware requirements.


Cyberpunk Runner is one of a kind endless free runner game that guarantees a fun-loving experience for all Cyberpunk lovers. This game takes endless runner genre to new heights by bringing realistic HD graphics into mobile gaming experience.

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